For a while now, the world has been shrinking into a global village. Communication is at its peak, travelling is no longer a long journey, information is being shared at the speed of light to all corners of the world. But ironically, much as the world is becoming a global village, there is still a lot of ignorance about other cultures, other people, other countries and other ways.

For some people that have never been to the African continent, their description of Africa is
“poverty, war, disease and wild animals”.

For some of those that have never been to the European continent, their description of Europe is
“wealth, easy life, always busy”.

For some people that have never been to the Asian continent, their description of Asia is
“extreme hi-tec, over population, over pollution, reserved“

For some people that have never been to the continent of North America, their description of North America is “XXXL, Bling-bling, high life, racial discrimination”

For some people that have never been to the continent of South America, their description of South America is “drug cartels, coffee, amazon basin, cultural sites”

For some people that have never been to the continent of Australia, their description of Australia is
“Kangaroos, Aborigines, British prisoners”

For some people that have never been to the continent of Antarctica, …

What do YOU know about the planet you are living on?

Where do these stereotypes come from?

Especially in today’s time where the world is said to be a global village, one would expect that the human population is well informed about other humans other than those in their closest surroundings.

This is where PunzilaniTV comes in. PunzilaniTV would love to share with the world that each of these continents is not defined by those cliches but defined by a multitude of diverse culture, rich in traditions and some other magical things that we have not heard about yet.

PunzilaniTV further branches into a number of editorial branches all over the world that are each independent of each other.

Some of these editorial departments include

  • Outside sourcesthis department is run by a variety of journalists that send in locally produced programs that show an insight of the culture of where they are. They do not only produce culture programs but as well as other authentic programs locally produced.

  • Daily servicesthis department is all about daily living aids: household tips, do it yourself ideas, discovering cuisines from all over the world, with lots of cooking and kitchen tips.

  • Know your rightsMany people hardly know their rights, be it in the labour section or the political scenario. Here you will be sensitized about your rights all round.

  • Safety education How do you give first aid? What number I’m I to call in situations of a fire, crime or life threatening situation? How do I resuscitate someone? How do I react in case of a fire? All these questions and many more are answered here.

  • Mysteries of sciencewhat is gravity? What’s in the outer space? Experiments are done along as the question get answered!

  • Self realisationwith an ever fast moving world and society, people have lost touch with their grounds, their insticts. Everything keeps moving faster and faster one can hardly catch up. Here, we go back to the roots, back to nothing and try to learn how to get in touch with the self and what truly matters .Here autogenic training programs will be tried out.

  • HistoryFrom the From the Battle of Waterloo to the life of Leonardo da Vinci, from Archimedes of Syracuse to Mahatma Ghandi: History is full of exciting stories and has a deep influence on today’s life.

  • Documentaries and coverages

Nelson Mandela: "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

Punzilani is a word taken from the Nyanja Language which translates learn – I urge you to learn.

PunzilaniTV is a non-profit organisation that produces educational programs that are free to access via internet and broadcasted by cooperating TV stations all over the world. Imagine this, a huge library full educational programs of all kinds, easily available to you. This type of programme is called “EduTainment”, it should educate and entertain.

PunzilaniTV‘s telecasts are available for everyone. They are produced multilingual  and are also suitable for non-readers. All programmes should be generally intelligible and accessible for everyone. There should be no need for additional receiving equipment nor access restrictions (e.g. Pay-TV). This is what the cooperating TV station have to agree to. In return they get special conditions on PunzilaniTV‘s telecasts.

PunzilaniTV doesn’t want to replace any project to build schools but being complementary.

PunizilaniTV aims at being a platform that will

  • give in depth knowledge on discussed topics

  • serve as a spring to refresh ones knowledge

  • serve to exchange knowledge

Why should I support PunzilaniTV?

  • Because PunzilaniTV is not dependant on viewers ratings – we produce to educate

  • PunzilaniTV is not dependant on advertising partners hence making our product objective and free from bias

  • PunzilaniTV is not profit oriented and is not dependent on any specific sponsor, therefore has no obligation towards them.

  • Corruption is not possible as PunzilaniTV is not dependent on any specific donors

But what are my personal benefits to join PunzilaniTV?

  •  part of an ‘international family’ thst supports each other by exchanging ideas and professional knowledge
  • Through this new contacts you might be able to join the production team of international productions  get access to internatinoal markets for your own productions
  • get special offers and discounts from cooperating brands for broadcast equipment and accessories

So that would mean I will have to work on a voluntary basis?

Yes and no! PunzilaniTV is a non-profit organization and for this unable to create full-time jobs for every member. So there is charity work! We try to compensate expenses by the above mentioned benefits. But there is more to come:

When you and your team hand in a concept of a production we will try to find production partners (sponsors, grants, subsidies, etc.). Through this you can refinance your production expenses.

Do I have to pay membership fees?

This question has to be answered by the respective national group based on its organizational structure. For example, the German Headquarters are established as a registered charity association, therefore a membership fee is obliged by German law.
PunzilaniTV is an international network of self-responsible, legally independant groups. So please get in touch with a contact person of your local group…

Why is PunzilaniTV established in Germany and operates from there?

The idea of PunzilaniTV bases in a Zambian-German cooperation. To set up its headquarters in Germany is reasoned in the freedom of the press that is irreversible set in the German Constitution as a fundamental right. Without this grant of  protection PunzilaniTV might not be able to talk about social injustices and political mischief.


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