Salt and Pepper – Your Service Time

Just as the two compliment each other, no kitchen should go without them. The show combines health aspects and cooking ideas in one. It takes a look at the background of the food and beverage industry and clarifies questions, the audience sends in. It looks at traditional and historical production processes from start to finish. It takes the audience beyond the food itself and gives an indigenous feeling of being on the spot as well as the beautiful surrounding landscape. Each episode follows a main topic chosen by the editorial office based on calendar, seasonal or cultural aspects or even on requests of the audience.


Salt and Pepper - meat balls

Frikadellen, Buletten, Bouletten, Fleischpflanzerl, Fleischleiberl or Fleischküchle ... all this are names for meat balls, burger patties, frikandeller ... A really traditional recipe (but with lots of variations), that can be found end of the 17th century in German cooking books. Try them hot with vegetables and potatos / rice or cold just with a bit of mustard on top!

Salt and Pepper - Behind the scenes

So you think we always make the perfect shot at the first cut? Have a look at our hilarious behind the scenes of Salt and Pepper!

Salt and Pepper - Meatloaf

Fleischkäse - literally translated as meat cheese….. but isn‘t a meat cheese at all. Fleischkäse is a meatloaf, it could be that it‘s name comes from the fact that the meatloaf has a shape that resembles cheese. The meatloaf is a great companion for all meal times!

Salt and Pepper - Tiramisu

Today Inutu and Greg will be making a stopover in Italy…… They will be trying out something that‘s called „cheer me up“ , „pick me up“ or even „lift me up“ Join them as they are cheered up with the Italian desert Tiramisu.

Salt and Pepper - Schnitzel

Who doesn‘t know what a „Schnitzel“ is? It is the second most popular canteen food after currywurst in Germany. Join Inutu and Greg as they share how you can make your own Schnitzel for next party at home!

Salt and Pepper - Potato Salad(s)

A classic salad at most parties, needless to say a popular salad in Germany! Today, Inutu and Greg will be making a Rhinish potato salad and a Bavarian one. Let us know which one is your favourite once you‘ve tried them out!

Salt and Pepper - Sugar Roasted Nuts

Sugar roasted nuts…… don‘t they just bring childhood memories!? Join Inutu and Greg as they share with you their sugar roasted nut recipe. Always a good snack for both the old and the young!

Salt and Pepper - Mustard (condiments I)

A popular condiment that spices up pretty much lots of dishes? Want to learn how to make your own? Then join Inutu and Greg in thier kitchen as they share how to make mustard.

Salt and Pepper - Cured Meat

Before refrigerators were invented, curing food was a widely used method to preserve meats. Curing does not only preserve food, but also gives it a special taste,texture, colour and flavour. Enjoy curing your meat here on Salt and Pepper with Inutu and Greg!

Salt and Pepper - Liver Sausage (Bread Spread)

Liver Sausage, not actually as sausage as the name makes one believe. It is indeed a liver bread spread, that is widely consumed in many European families at breakfast, lunch or supper, together with a variety of breads. Join Inutu and Greg as they show how to make your own "Leberwurst"!

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